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Stiftung für Besinnungswälder Deutschland
Rinecker Str. 17
97762 Hammelburg

Legal form

The Foundation For Reflection Woods Germany is a foundation open to the public and legally registered in accordance with § 80 of the Civil Code and articles 3, 5 and 6 of the Bavarian statute for foundations.

Paragraph 2 of the Foundation’s statutes stipulates that the Foundation is non-denominational and not bound in any way to a specific political party.

Supervisory authority

Regierung von Unterfranken
Peterplatz 9
97070 Würzburg

Honorary office-bearers

Founder and chairman: Michael Mence
Member of the board: Cornelia Mence
Advisory committee:

Legal responsibility for the content of this website according to § 6 MDStV

Michael Mence


The layout of the homepage and the domain, the illustrations, the photographs,
and the script are all copyrighted. In some cases they have also appeared in other
copyrighted publications and media. The website pages may only be duplicated and
used for private matters; alterations are not permitted. We draw attention explicitly
to our copyright title for the word/picture trademarks belonging to the Foundation
For Reflection Woods Germany. The terms “Reflection Wood” and “Reflection
Wood Philosophy” are also registered neologisms of the Foundation.


All information contained in this website has been put together with great care but this information is provided without liability.

We do not assume responsibility for external links.

As supplier of these contents the Stiftung für Besinnungswälder Deutschland is responsible for its own contents which are thus made available for use. This responsibility is defined by both the first paragraph of § 5 TDG dated 22 July 1997, and common law.

There is a clear distinction between the above mentioned contents and “links” to contents provided by other suppliers. The Foundation only assumes responsibility for the contents of these external links insofar as the Foundation has definite knowledge of their content and it is technically feasible and reasonable to prevent them being used (§5 TDG). Links are always subject to change. Before they are installed for the first time the Foundation checks each link in terms of illegal or punishable content. However, under TDG regulations the Foundation is not obliged to constantly check whether the content of links has been changed. When the Foundation’s attention is drawn to the fact that the link has illegal or punishable content, then the Foundation will immediately withdraw the link as far as this is technically feasible and reasonable.


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